Agita Cane-Kile

Daira Abolina

Matiss Kaza

Andrejs Rudzats

Girts Biss

One Hundred Years Older  (2022)

documentary, Latvia, 13'

What happens in the eyes of a 100-year-old filmmaker? Rolands Kalnins, one of the great masters of Latvian cinema (Four White Shirts, 1967), sits down to have his photo taken and looks straight in the lens. Kalniņš’ life has spanned an authoritarian regime, a world war, long years under Soviet occupation and censorship, and retirement in independent Latvia. His films have been censored, destroyed, found and restored. But here, like Herz Frank once did with a child, for ten minutes we shall observe the micro-emotions of a man who has dedicated his life to film. Confronted directly by the tool of his trade, the camera. As we face Kalniņš eye to eye, we hear the sounds of his present, and the memories of his past.

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