Main Cast
Emma Skirmante

Linda Olte

Linda Olte

Matiss Kaza
Dace Siatkovska

Aleksandrs Grebnevs

Production Designer
Laura Dislere


feature-length family drama, Latvia

Anastasia (13) and Diana (11) are two sisters living in a Latvian orphanage. When they get to know that an American family is ready to adopt them, Diana cannot wait to move to the States, while Anastasia is less excited about the idea of leaving her home. When their estranged biological mother Alla is released from prison, Anastasia does everything to establish a relationship with her, but Alla and her new boyfriend have other plans. Anastasia has to make a crucial decision - to leave her biological mother behind and move to live in America, or to remain home in hopes of living with her real mother. Anastasia's decision is made even more difficult when she learns that her sister's fate will also depend on her choice, because the law states that two siblings cannot be split up.

Produced by Deep Sea Studios & Fenixfilm.

Supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia.

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